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        MOVING TIPS                651-387-2955


Here are just a few of the things we've learned while moving customers over the years.  Hope you find some of them useful!

If you need boxes we will deliver them to you free of charge. We charge no mark up for the boxes. We usually buy our boxes from Home Depot as they have the best prices on new boxes that I've seen! 

Wardrobe boxes are around $12.00 a box at Home Depot.  They are a lot more expensive at U-Haul.

When packing boxes please be sure and use plenty of tape on the bottom of the boxes!  Especially when packing up heavier items such as dishes and pots and pans.  When we pack for our customers, we use two horizontal pieces of tape and one vertical piece across the bottom of each box.

When moving small to medium sized dressers, you can leave the clothes in the drawers, and we'll stretch wrap it, and move the dresser as is.

If you have new carpeting that needs to be protected, we have a product we can put down, called Carpet Protector which works extemely well. It's a clear plastic product that is sticky on one side - this stops it from bunching up and tripping the movers while they are working. This product is only for carpeting, it doesn't work for Hard Wood Floors.  Just let us know and we'll bring a few rolls with us.  We don't charge any mark up for the product. Your cost is exactly what we pay to buy the Carpet Protector from Menards or Home Depot, which is around $14.00.

Carpet Protector comes in rolls that are 24 inches wide by 50 feet long for a total of 100 Square Yards.  For stairs you usually need two runs of the product for a total width of close to 48 inches.  Hallways usually only need one run of carpet protector.

For Wood Railings and Balustrades, we'll generally cover these with blankets to protect them.  Sometimes we'll need to remove a railing in order to make room for Armoires or other very large pieces of furniture.

If you have Beds, Desks or other Furniture that you need disassembled, our workers will carefully do this for you.  We carry a full complement of tools with each truck. If you wish, we'll also reassemble everything for you, at your new residence!

Hope some of these suggestions are helpful, if you have any questions what so ever, Please call or E-Mail us at any time. Or if you have any moving tips of your own please E-Mail us these as well!

Sincerely,  John Hathaway (Owner)