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We started out as a small company but have started to grow a little since the downturn in the economy this past couple of years.  Because our reputation is really our most valuable asset, we do everything possible to keep our customers happy, and our reputation a positive one!

I started out years ago, hauling junk in a rusty, red and cream colored, 1990, F250 Pick-Up. Kim, says she can still remember seeing me flying down Summit Avenue, my truck piled high, junk sticking out everywhere, and me driving with this proud expression on my face!  And I guess I was proud, I was working for myself, and Betsy, was apparently running that day. (Betsy was the name I'd given to my cantankerous and unreliable truck! I eventually sold her for $600 to a mechanic, who swore up and down that he could get that truck running perfectly. I never did hear back from that guy?)

Even though  I wasn't making much money, it paid the few bills I had while living in my friend's, very small basement room.  Eventually I began to realize that if I was ever going to get ahead, I needed to create some kind of business for myself. 

Then one lady asked me if I could help her move - I said: "Sure - that, as long as she rented the moving truck, we could certainly get her moved." We've grown since then, but we're still moving customers  like that first lady - and I know I'll never forget Betsy, the most obstinate pick-up truck I've ever owned!

Check out our References , then give us a call.  We'll work with you to plan your move.  And we Guarantee, to use all of our years of experience, to make your move as smooth and seamless as possible!

Sincerely,  John Hathaway (Owner)