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 This is a brief sample of some of the moves
 we've done through-out the metro area.


Accountant:       Robert Berg        651-659-2903

We've done a few different moves for Mr. Berg. During one of the more difficult ones, we had to move 30 of their offices out over three weekends. Out on Friday, and then back in on Monday morning. This was a large and complex move, as multiple offices had to be disassembled, and then reassembled over each weekend. We color coded each piece of office furniture and all computers, printers, phones, and etc.  We also took digital pictures of each room so we could accurately, put each piece of furniture and electronics, back in its original location.  We've had a working relationship with Mr. Berg for over five years now.

EDINA REALTY   Bill Burg's Office: 651-686-2028

We've moved many of Bill's clients after the sale of their house. We also moved Bill personally into his new home on Wellesley Avenue in Saint Paul. We've been working with Mr Burg for more then five years now, he knows all of our workers, and can vouch for our company's honesty, and attention to detail. 

Ms. Pamela Zeller  612-871-5100

We moved them out of their mansion at 2100 Pillsbury Avenue South in Minneapolis.  This was a huge move that involved five, 24 foot moving trucks full of office furniture, computers, filing cabinets, and hundreds of boxes of files, and personal effects. The move went well, despite contractors who were still remodeling their offices, on the day we were moving them in.

SHARON AND HERB LOHSE      612-799-5768

We moved two trucks full of furniture and personal belongings from their house in Shoreview, to their brand new house, also in Shoreview.  Because their house was so new, they reminded us of how important it was, to be very very careful of their walls and floors.  At the end of the move Sharon thanked the crew for not putting one mark on her new house, and said that the workers were easy going, and almost made moving fun!  (With emphasis on that word almost!)