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       COMMERCIAL MOVES       651-387-2955

                MENTAL HEALTH CENTER

     Accountant:       Robert Berg        651-659-2903

      His assistant:     Mickey

      We've done a few different moves for Mr. Berg. During
      one of the more difficult moves we had to move 30 of
      their offices  out over three weekends.  Out on Friday
      and then back in on  Monday morning.  This was a large
      and complicated move, as  multiple offices had to be
      disassembled, and then reassembled over each
      weekend. We color coded each piece of office
      furniture and all computers, printers, and phones. 
      We also took digital pictures of each room so we could
      accurately put each piece of furniture and electronics,
      back in its original location. Over the years we've
      finished 12 moves for Mr. Berg, and for the  various
      Social Service Agencies he is associated with.